WGTS- Waste Gas Treatment System

 Waste gas treatment system (WGTS) utilizes EST method of chemical destruction technology. The system can be easily modified, calibrated and installed into any industrial organic gas-polluting production line. The process is continuous and connected to the production line on site. Our WGTS is connected directly to the source of the gases and evacuates them as CO2, water vapor, and halogen acids.Systems have an ability to treat a wide range of hazardous organic compounds including halogenated carbon

The waste gas treatment system (WGTS) supplied by EST Ecological systems using thermal plasma technology a high efficiency, flexible and cost-effective alternative to thermal treatment technologies. The system can handle fluctuations in your process- spikes or continuous flow. Whether your current treatment system is limiting production based on applicable emission limits has increasingly high operating costs.
By utilizing high-temperature thermal plasma technology, the gaseous organic waste including halogen acids vapor is transformed into a non-hazardous gas and, in some cases, to a usable by-product.