Versatile Solution
EST technology allows rapid and complete destruction of a wide range of organic waste products. It is easily adaptable to various waste stream types and concentrations.

Direct Treatment
The system can be directly connected to the source of waste with no requirement to dilute it.

Highly Concentrated Organic Streams
Perfect for highly concentrated organic waste streams.

Halogenated Organic Streams
The EST system allows the treatment of halogenated organic waste. The system can treat waste streams containing halogenated organic compounds with no limitation of concentration or halogen loading.

Cost Effective
The system yields a quick return on investment at low operational costs.

No Environmental Impact
EST systems comply with the most stringent environmental regulations.

Fully Automated
The system is easy to operate, requiring only minimal operator involvement.

No Inertia
The system start-up takes several minutes. This feature allows for using the system only if it is needed, meaning savings on energy and utilities.

Low Energy Consumption
System operation requires very low power consumption. Most of the required energy is provided by the organic waste itself.