LWTS- Liquid Waste Treatment System

EST liquid waste treatment systems (LWTS) operate at high temperatures to destruct solvents into water vapor and carbon dioxide. They offer high destruction efficiencies and are ideal for use with most organic waste applications.
Eliminating halogenated solvents such as chlorinated, fluorinated, and brominated emissions with the highest possible destruction efficiencies (greater than 99.99%) requires a unique combination of control technologies. In addition to solvent destruction, by-products of combustion – HCl, HF, and HBr – must also be removed before being exhausted to the atmosphere.

For difficult applications such as these, EST has designed systems which consist of a plasma reactor matched with water quench and acid gas scrubber.
This system eliminates standard VOCs and are designed using Hastalloy® to withstand the harsh environments created by the destruction of halogenated compounds. Because of the destruction of the chlorinated compounds, HCl is formed and must be treated prior to being exhausted to the atmosphere.

The formation of HCl in this application facilitates the need for an integrated quench/scrubber system. While the water quench neutralizes some of the acid from the plasma reactor, its main function is to reduce exiting air temperature from the plasma reactor to 65?C prior to entering the scrubber.

A sodium hydroxide solution is circulated through the packed bed scrubber to remove and neutralize the acid gases. EST systems include automated metering of caustic solution and pH monitoring of discharge water.